Cool Links For Cool People

61209c8f0efa0d5ed36c2aa93d8423fdHi My Loves,

What are your plans for the weekend? Private jet to the Maldives? Putting everything on your black Visa down on Fifth Ave? Stomping on grapes to make wine? Netflix,coffee and a cronut and in the morning you’re making waffles. Whatever you’re doing, do it with joy and happiness in your heart and start by clicking these links

One Of My Favorite Opening Monologues, Ever

Two 5 Min Meditations To Do In Bed

Mr De la Renta

Why Women Like The Bad Boys

Quick Dinners Anyone Can Master

5 Common Writing Mistakes

Ever Get The Feeling You’re Being Watched

It’s Finally Happening

Smoothie Tyme

Top Interior Trends For 2015



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