Shift Focus


Hi My Loves,

It’s a strange thing about this modern world. We get so weighted down with our own thoughts and worries. Our anxieties and busy lives that we focus on the wrong things in our lives. Am I doing this wrong? What if this happens? What if that happens? They didn’t text me back, what does that mean? Are they angry at me?

I know you all are nodding your head because you have thought at least one of those things, if not all. I will put my hand up and say yes, I have thought all of these at one point or another. We whip ourselves up into a frenzy with these tornado like thoughts and they are never ending thoughts. We have this never ending internal dialogue with ourselves.

Do not get me wrong – Thinking for yourself and thinking in general, is a great thing. What I am saying is our focus is off course. My point is, its amazing what clarify comes from tragedy.

Anybody who knows me. Anybody who has been reading this page for a while, will know I have an unexplainable connection with Boston. I don’t know why. I don’t know where it’s come from but I can tell you, my love for that city and those people runs very deep.  The bombing hit me harder than it should have for someone who didn’t know anyone there but that’s the way it is. SO given the fact that the trial is going on right now, I’ve been reading what’s going on.

Last Thursday I read testimony from people that have lost limbs and have more courage and strength then I have ever needed in my life3706236b316283b613298752f788f4d5

Last Friday I was on the train reading the tweets from a reporter in the courtroom. I had done it the morning before, I have done it mornings since but Friday hit me hard. As Mr Richards talked about losing his son and the affects that day has had on his family. It became too much for me. I welled up with tears and put my phone away for that moment. I needed a moment to pull myself together

As I  did that, I looked out the window of the train and the sun was coming up and I watched the sky change from orange to pink to blue and it hit me…

How lucky I am? I get to walk to work.

How lucky I am? I have a job

How lucky I am? I’m safe, I’m healthy

All the white noise. All the what ifs and  worries and stresses we sometimes create for ourselves  doesn’t matter.  We lose focus on what really matters. As I said its amazing what clarify comes from tragedy and not even our own tragedy – somebody else’s tragedy.

And it doesn’t matter what tragedy it is – Boston – a siege in a café in Sydney – anything horrible thing that is happening in our world right now  and there is a lot to choose from and that tragedy, it can be close to home or it can be a world away.It can be down the street you live in.

The point I am making is stop and I mean actually stop. Take a breath and look around. Reassess and give thanks for the air in your lungs. Give thanks for your arms and your legs. Give thanks for the things you can hear and the things you can see and the things you can do. Be thankful for the people you have in this life.

The white noise. The stress. The thoughts. The anxiety. The things that didn’t go our way. It doesn’t matter.

Take a step back. Be still. Let your head get quiet and look at all the things that actually matter

It’s amazing how it can clear your mind and open your heart



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