Music Monday: Hozier

920915_497522643634408_358761683_oHi My Loves,

So I must have been living under a rock because I only heard a Hozier last week. I guess that’s always the downfall of being on your ipod twenty-four seven, you miss the new stuff but once found, boy does it make waves in my life.

Hozier was born in Bray, Ireland and is the son of a musician. He began a degree in music at Trinity College but dropped out midway through his first year in order to record demos for Universal Music. While at Trinity, he became involved with the Trinity Orchestra and has made his way to the music chart around the world.

I fell in love with Hozier music much like I did with Jack Savoretti years before . Hozier is a force to be reckoned with in the music scene of today and the future I think and I believe he’ll just get better and better. The is subtle beauty with his music and especially his lyrics. I totally missed his debut single Take Me To Church and Someone New but instead found From Eden first.


The one thing about Hozier he makes me want to run around barefoot in a dress through a forest somewhere. He is kind of a poet disguised as a musician and captures something real on this album. There will be at least one song ( if not all song) that will make you say oh yeah, been there

He performed for the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Saturday Night Live, and performed his hit “Take Me to Church” with Annie Lennox at the Grammy Awards this year. It is safe say the Hozier future is safe in music



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