Music Monday: Idina Menzel


Hi My Loves,

You know how you know that someone is a great singer but it takes a certain moment for you to sit there and go WOW, they are really good!

I was searching for something to watch on a Saturday night and I clicked on to the community Tv channel, somewhere I don’t really stop on but this night it made me want to stay put for two hours and turn the volume up loud. It was Idina Menzel : Live Barefoot at the Symphony

Idina+Menzel+pngOf course I knew who Idina Menzel was – I found her while watching the film version of RENT and first went OMG, what is this RENT thing – Quickly followed by – Wow, Maureen is awesome – followed by OMG, I want Maureen’s cat suit. Well you get the point. An impression was made. Every time since then when she popped up whether in Frozen or Glee or countless people around me talking about what a talent she is, there is always a smile on my face.

On Live Barefoot at the Symphony Idina does different arrangements and some acappella arrangements of songs which really makes you pay attention. I think what I really loved about the whole concert was how personal it was. I’ve read reviews of it and people saying there was too much talking – but that was the reason I loved it – it wasn’t just, here is that song, here is this song but this just wasn’t that at all. She talks about being at NYU and having a crush of her gay professor and being a wedding singer in Long Island before getting her role in Rent and how Saving All My Love For You – was one of the most popular songs for the first dance ( even though it is about infidelity). Even talking about writing songs with her then husband for their son Walker which was hilarious

Thankfully she has worked on solo projects releasing her first solo album entitled Still I Can’t Be Still in 1998. Her second album, Here in 2004 and I Stand is the third studio album and my favorite – I have had Brave off the album on repeat since Saturday

Idina has one of the most powerful voices in the industry. She’s been a powerhouse for years. I’m thankful Frozen has boosted her popularity, even if kids get confused when you tell them Elsa is actually brunette.

If you only know her from Frozen I am begging you to let it go ( sorry, I had too) and swim a little deeper into the world of Idina Menzel – you won’t be disappointed I promise



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