Cool Links For Cool People

a61f170bf6bb4af7bb81cbcf7bf8d24bHi My Loves,

With a week that started with a photoshoot, progressed with the flu and a trip to the doctors and I ended with dinner, it is safe to say my week was a mix bag of everything you could imagine.Whatever your plans are this week have fun and stay safe

The Pumpkin Can’t Even Handle Me Right Now.

Grease Quotes You Never Understood as a Kid

The Most Beautiful Advert I’ve Ever Seen

Major Runway Moments From Tom Ford

Whimsical Wedding Ideas Inspired By Disney

Great Podcasts for Writers

Kitchen Secrets You Wish You Already Knew

Something To Help You Get Ready For Saint Pat’s Day

This Is Why Lena Heady Is The Queen Of Everything

Great Food In My Most Favorite Place


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