Music Monday: Betty Who

720x405-BETTY_WHO2-(photo-cred-shane-mccauley)Hi My Loves, You look at Betty Who and think, she must be Swedish. She must be a descendant of Swedish superstar Robyn, right? Wrong, she is actually from Sydney, like me which makes me kinda sad that it took me so long to find her music, but now I have, there is no turning back now. She was born Jessica Anne Newham and although she is an aussie she has a foot planted firmly in American soil, attending Interlochen Centre for The Arts and Berklee College of Music. For a gal who is self-taught piano and guitar player that is all types of awesome. It was at Berklee she met  producer Peter Thomas, they started working together and the rest is history. slideshow_std_h_Betty_Who_ The first time I saw Betty Who wasn’t actually her music and was a video on her You Tube channel with web-series called Who Is Betty Who? Demonstrating her favorite Beyoncé songs with her friend Sophia, something we have all done with our friends – even if it’s not to Beyoncé. The video did make me ask – Who Is Betty Who? So as it turns out Betty Who is AWESOME…. She is catchy and has her own unique spirit and sound that is kinda like the lovechild of everything great about the eighties sound and pop music of now and I dare you to listen to her song Somebody Loves You and not feel happy afterwards. She’s really fun and energetic. She’s complex, fascinating and as of last week become number one on the Billboard Dance Club Charts with her new single ‘All of You’ Her first album hit the universe in October and can get it on vinyl and the record isn’t black, its pink! Buy it any way you can and become apart of the who crew – You’ll never look back Plus watch her web series Who Is Betty Who? I guarantee you’ll want to be her best friend after that.


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