Music Monday: Joe Marson


A year or so back I fell in love with Jeff Buckley, not only the man but also the music. A few years before that I fell in love with Ben Harper’s music so its not surprising that Joe Marson’s music followed suit. I found this guy on Instagram. I find a lot of people of Instagram, You’d be amazed at how many time weeks a week I say – we found each other on Instagram but it’s true. It’s certainly true when it comes to this week’s artist  – Thank god for hashtags.

Joe Marson is a Brooklyn based artist and he mixes all the things I love about music in his own music. He is brilliant with a guitar, he walks the line between alternative rock and blues which is really a great area of music to be in. It’s the type of music that each time you listen to a song you discover something new about it. You love just a little bit more because not only is the music wonderful but the lyrics are rich and in an industry that seems to be more focused on how they can market an artist  and how much money they can make in a short amount of time. The qualities of Joe Marson’s music is rare.


It’s vivid and revealing but also soulful. I love listening to his stuff on a Sunday morning while I am slowly making breakfast, waking up to the world after a big night out or a bigger night in pulling an all nighter.

Clearly the world is listening his song “And The Lightning He Will Ride” was featured on the FX hit ‘Justified’ and is preliminary winner of the Guitar Center’s singer/songwriter contest.

My loves trust me, this guy is going places

Check him out at

Joe Marson





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