Cool Links For Cool People

cc56c51dc021053dfd2a8ed3af70b07fHappy Friday Beautiful Souls,

So there is Doc Dopey,Sneezy ,Grumpy, Bashful, Happy and Comatosed. No, wait that’s me this weekend because I’m way too sleepy. Why can’t everyday be a holiday.

10 Appalling Films That Were Adapted from Great Books

10 Book-to-Film Adaptations That Got it Right

15 Artists Collaborate To Make London Children’s Hospital Cozier For Kids

Why Women Leave Men They Love – What Every Man Needs To Know

6 Accessories Every Woman Should Own

34 People Who Saw a Statue and Knew What They Had to Do Next

Guide To Supermodel Selfies

My Current Obsession

27 Parenting Hacks

In The Morning I’m Making Waffles



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