Sunday Playlist

8da799a55f98eddd47f70c1dd0f208a6 Good Morning My Loves Tomorrow is Australia Day which is I guess let America’s Fourth of July and I guess we celebrate in around about the same way but one thing that always happens is that Australia Day is always stinking hot . One year I went to the Sydney Regatta Centre, they do it up big every year and its jam packed with people and don’t get me wrong, I had a blast with my friends but the next day I had heat stroke and looked like a lobster. Every year since then, I lock myself in my house with the air con on high. I regret nothing.

  • Second Sunday by Jessica Andrews
  • Happy by Leonia Lewis
  • Alabama Song by The Doors
  • Nobody Wants To Be Lonely by Ricky Martin
  • Set It On Fire by Adele
  • Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol
  • Her Eyes by Pat Monahan
  • Miami by Will Smith
  • Amalia by Melody Gardot
  • I’m On Fire by Bruce Springsteen
  • Call Me Maybe by Carly Rea Jepsen
  • Don’t Forget Me by Megan Hilty
  • Small Town Girl by Kellie Pickler
  • Look At Me by Geri Haliwell
  • If I Did Care by Amy Adams



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