Music Monday: Julie Roberts

e4257df5ad757fd93176b842b20e215aHi My Loves,

My loves you know I am a little bit of a country girl. Maybe I am a southern belle trapped in an Aussie body but there is something about country music that just like blues speaks to my soul

The first time a heard Julie Roberts was her song Men & Mascara I was in my early twenties and it was a prefect song for that time of your life. Julie Roberts become the artist I turned to for that time period because everything I was learning in life, relationships and those fickle creatures that we call men. I don’t quite remember why I stopped listened to her but the funny thing about music in my life is that strangely enough the right songs find me at the rights in my life. Either they say what I can’t put into words or they give my something to identify with, making me sit there and nod my head thinking ‘yes’. Strangely enough I’m in my thirties now and I have found her music again and its saying the things I can’t.

Hard to believe Julie was passed over when she auditioned for “The Voice” – it might have been a wrong song choice but still she is a power house. She can project ache and longing and sass and hope, sometimes all in the same song.


She has this soulful, blues, unique, husky voice but also authentic country lyrics and melody–the kind that tells a story (remember those?) with songs that stand out and her songs are full of feeling and deep emotion. I visited itunes and brought her album ‘Good Wine, Bad Decisions’ – great title, right? – From the track the whole album takes you to a back table in a dark smoky bar somewhere in the wee hours of the morning, as she pour out her heart to a friend or her lover at the near end of a relationship . It’s brilliant!!!



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