Music Monday: Harley Black


Hi My Loves,

Let me just say first off – I’m a horrible friend I promised Ms Harley I would write this post months ago and life got in the way.

So here we go, let me introduce you to Ms Harley Black

The internet is pretty amazing thing. It can connect you to people that you would have never found without it. I think Harley might have started to follow me on twitter first and I followed her back – as simple as that. Then I saw she had a FB page and Instagram soon followed – Soon I saw fantastic photographs of her life in New York of her sitting on the grass with her guitar and a notepad ready to write songs for her EP. I read about her excitement while she was in the studio and saw pic from her photoshoot for the cover. It was like she took me in some part with her on the journey


Then that magic day – her EP dropped, it hit iTunes and I was straight there and how amazing it is.

Music seems to be in Harley soul and an extension of that soul. She has memories of falling asleep in her father saxophone when she was tiny. Maybe fate was trying to tell her something.

Harley is pure rock n roll and you can hear who had influenced her – Pat Benatar springs to mind but for some reason that first time I heard her music it reminded me of a softer sounding Melissa Etheridge but somehow Dana Fuchs. That sound of a Rock woman ready for greatness.


Her first EP ‘Rebel Town’ dropped in September and it makes me rock and boop and sing along but my favorite is Eyes On You  check it out


Cd baby

Sound Cloud

While you there check Harley out at these place





If that isn’t awesome enough beginning Wednesday, January 14th, Harley will be posting a BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW original song as a live acoustic performance – every Wednesday at 3pm on her Facebook page. Each week she will write a new song and perform it for you! So go check it out on the 14th. Also a new album is coming in 2015


*All Photographs found on Facebook*


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