Cool Link For Cool People


Happy Friday My Loves,

I’ve been looking at all my friends in America – residents and travels  and all their yummy Thanksgiving food and  now I am craving turkey and pumpkin pie. I’ve never had pumpkin pie but the thought interests me. So not surprisingly your first link is, you guest it, pumpkin pie. Seriously, how many times in a paragraph can I type pumpkin pie……….pumpkin pie. Okay, I’ll stop. In the spirit of the day I would like to say that I am thankful for you – yes you. You all have stuck by me and support me and that truly make me very thankful and I am thankfully for these links.

Pie, Pie. Me,Oh My

Decades & Dance

Of Red & Gold

Every Time A Bell Rings

These Were The Covers Of My Teen Years

Summer Loving

Now This Is History

Teacher, Teacher

Why I Love This World

You Brought What?



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