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Hi My Loves,

I know all my loves on the east coast of North America is struggling to stay warm but over here on the east coast of Oz we are battling 40 degrees Celsius/104 Fahrenheit heat wave – so please sent us some snow. It looks like it is going to get hotter over the next five days, I’m thinking of having an ice block for dinner. With a 30th birthday party and High Tea the next day to consider – it shall be interesting. Where ever you are stay warm or cool or just plain comfortable. Comfortable is under rated

If Guys You’ve Dated Were Flavors Of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Warm and Boozy


17 Artists From The Early 2000s That You Totally Forgot About

46 Reasons You Should Never Leave Amsterdam

I Want To Live Here

7 Habits To Create Long-Term Happiness Within You

Sh#t Happens

Be Your Flats, Love Your Flats

Get Inspired




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