I was reading an old gossip magazine at lunch – you know the kind with far more fiction then a bestselling novel. After skimming over the KK’s, how Ange has a crush on Tilda and why that celeb wore that outfit better than the other celeb when in actual fact both women look beautiful

So I got to the back when they do the movie review- they reviewed a movie I saw on Valentine Day with my single gals ( it was actually a great night) The movie was A Winter’s Tale – I love this movie, it reminded me of how movies used to be when I was a kid. All magic and ill-fated true love. White horses that fly and a hero with a heart of gold – the review in the gossip rug said

Logic doesn’t just take a back seat, it misses the boat entirely

I sat back in my tub chair and it kind of caught me by surprise. It was an easy story to follow; it was logical within the lines of the story. Devils, demons, magic and time travel. It may not have been realistic in the world we live in but we don’t go to the cinema to watch reality tv (not that there is much reality in that either, come to think of it)


A Winter’s Tale is bases on a very well-known novel – a novel I believe that differs for the movie quite a lot but then again it’s 748-page novel, divided into four books, so you could imagine that would be quite a task

Why does every day nine to five logic have to work its way into a movie or a novel. As long as it is explained , as long as it makes sense within the story that’s being told

I don’t have an answer – I just thought it was an interesting question





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