Cool Link For Cool People

ab9d7c6598d6067a960b004261b9a0feHappy Friday My Loves,

It has been a long week and i have been wearing many hats, figuratively speaking. Yesterday I read the name Herb as the world Hebrew and I knew I needed the weekend, sooner rather then later. Then my friends and I planned a fictitious trip to the Maldives but Rita and I have settled for a night with a movie and scotch – that’s going to have to do for now.Here are your Cool Links for a Friday

Samantha Jones, always on the money

3 writing lessons with Chandler Bing

Bend and stretch

55 gentle ways to take care of yourself

The Wee Little Things

One of the coolest ladies on the planet

That’s not how you read a book. This is how you read a book

You will never see a man shirt the same way again

Food, Food, Food

Some drinky-poo



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