Emotionally Invested & A Little Hopeful

fb41d7730c4c468915b3e26bfdfb9a33My Dearest Treasures, Loves and Cosmos,

So here’s the thing – I get emotionally invested in fictional characters – some television shows you watch and if you’ve watched it for years – you do get attached, if the writing is good. There is one particular show I watch on FX that I’ve been watching for six years and it’s characters have gripped me like no other show before it. For the forty-five or fifty minutes when that show is on, my phone is off and all that exists is that show. The storyline may have been through it ups and downs but the thing that keeps me coming back are these characters.

I think television has changed so rapidly and improved so dramatically that there are no barriers there like that might have been  there in between the quality of television and movies – it just doesn’t exists anymore and that’s only a good thing. This one show I watch is always high on the body count and no one is safe. Given the fact that these characters I am so attached to aren’t nessasraaly good people that do good things – actually it’s quite the opposite, if I am being truthful  – the death toll is going to by more than high in it’s final season – karma is a bitch, whether that be in real life or reel life – karma is always a bitch. There is one character in this show that I am sooo protective of – which I know sounds weird because they’re fictional. This character is so good and so kind, they have been through so much that I want to wrap him up in cotton wool and protect him from the world


Recently in the fair city of San Diego the most wonderful time of the year for geeks, sleeks and beaks (okay, most geeks and I am one of them) known as Comic Con  has begun and ended– that is where this show did indeed have a panel. The actor who plays this character wasn’t sport the same hairstyle or any markers of his on screen alter ego – which is troubling, since they are currently filming. I said to my friend on Monday morning who watches the same show


I think that’s it. I think he’s done

She turned to me and said the worst possible thing to me

Maybe he got away. Maybe he is in hiding.

Goddammit – she gave me hope.


Which is the worst possible thing to give me, because now I have hope and if the worse of the worse happens – and this character does met his untimely demise – I am going to be an absolute wreak. We are talking crying so hard I can’t breathe and I will not have an ounce of dignity left.


Why do we get this way about people that aren’t real. Why do television show grip and not let go. I’m please and comforted really that I am not the only one out there that getting emotionally invested in fictional characters – So what is? An escape from everyday life.

Do we envision ourselves in the situations that these characters are in? Do we see a little bit of ourselves in these characters? Even though characters are fictitious, they still have personalities and human qualities, just like us. We cheer for them. We have hope in them – we want them to survive because we have been on the journey with.

At the end of the day – after we turn that final page on the novel or finish those sixty precious minutes of that show – we step back in reality. We cook dinner, we take out the bin, and we get up and go to work. Those emotionally invested ties are cut but for a few amazing moment we lived someone else life and hoped for their survival



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