A Few Of My Favourite Things


Happy Friday my Loves, Doves and All Of The Aboves,

So I am trying something new for our Fridays because who doesn’t like new and different. Okay, sure not many people like change, me being one of them but hopefully this will be a good change. So here’s the idea. Each Friday I will give you five of my favorite things of the week and five cool links.

Hopefully if I think these things are awesome – you will too. Comment below if you like the new look Friday and here goes nothing


Few Of My Favorite Things

My Favourite LA Based Designer, Who Inspires Me – visit Maison de Morgana

My Favourite Song Of The Week – An Oldie but A Goody – Crazy On You

My Favourite Dish  – I Cooked This On SundayIt Was Fantastic

My Favorite Reason I Was A Couch Potato Last Weekend – Black Sails


Favourite Cool Links Of The Week

Katy Perry, Jennifer Nettles, Kerry Hilson – Boogy Woogy

5 Celebrity Design Ideas For You Book Worms

Your Next Party Hair-do

5 Secrets to Success

Fashion! Turn To The Left. Fashion! Turn To The Right!




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