Music Monday : Jewel


My dearest treasures, loves and cosmos,

So I was in the car a week ago and the radio played a song I hadn’t heard in a long time. A song that I loved . It was Jewel’s I Was Meant For You from her album Piece of You. Now I had forgot all about this album and I had forgotten what an impact it made of my life, until I heard this song again and I still knew all the words

In all fairness Pieces Of You was released in nineteen ninety five and I was eleven but never the less, it kind of was the first album I got obsessed with. I wanted the white dress she wriggled out of in the film clip to I Was Meant For You , come to think of it. I wanted the blue dress she cut her way out of, too. My parents brought me the album and I lived it for about a year.


This album is so good, that no matter how good Jewel’s subsequent albums are, this one will always be my favourite. The album is just as good, mellow, folky and alternative all mixed into one. Original, deep, and powerful. If you are a late twenty something female, the chance of you loving one or more songs on this album is pretty high. Her lyrics are poignant, and her voice is clean and clear.

Jewel has enjoyed career longevity rare among her generation of artists. Since achieving international stardom over 18 years ago (God, that’s scary to think of) sold over 12 million copies just in the US alone. I’m still hanging on to my copy! I absolutely loved Jewel’s early work and sorta lost track of her when she moved on in recent years to country music and later yet to children’s music. Jewel’s strengths, in my view, has always been great storytelling and an amazing live voice. Flair for touching heart strings.


If you want a trip down memory lane – find you copy of this album, there is nothing like falling in love with an old favourite. If you didn’t buy it the first time around. Go buy it now. You might find an appreciation for it now that you never had before

Little Sister


Morning Song

You Were Meant For Me




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