The Damaging Effects of Series Withdrawal



In the current state of affairs when it comes to television watching, times have changed. Not only are television show getting better but the way that we are watching them is also modifying. I recently and finally I will hear people say, began to watch The Killing – yes, a fantastic show that grabs a hold of you and pulls you to the edge of your seat in the last thirty seconds of every episode. I spend a whole weekend watching season one. I locked the rest of the world away, it didn’t exist. I needed to know who killed Rosie Larsen. Before I knew it I had gone through four discs and unbeknownst to me, I was on to the season finale. Time ticked by, my eyes were wide; my brain was trying to process this new information as fast as I could and then a blank black screen. The credits started to roll. I scrambled for the remote, wanting more but all I got was the main menu. It was over. Life could commence again and I realized I hadn’t felt daylight in two days.



So what now……

This is known as the inevitable series withdrawal.

Any series that steals your heart and works its way into your brain will do this to you. Symptoms include obsessing about the upcoming series, learning everything you can about the cast. Abruptly immediately following said cast members on twitter or any other social media platform. Making up a drinking game, just so you have an excuse to watch it again. With such instructions as

  • Take a sip whenever Daenerys Targaryen says ‘My Dragons’ in Game of Thrones
  • Take a sip whenever Severide or Casey have their shirts off in Chicago Fire
  • Take a sip whenever Jax Teller’s bare behind is shown in Sons of Anarchy
  • Take a sip whenever Skyler goes off at Walter in Breaking Bad


Extreme side effects of series withdrawal include making boards on Pinterest devoted to said show  or reading fan fictions to get by.

If you look deep down inside your heart. You too will be nodding your head. whether your poison be watching Law and Order: SVU for the zillionth time  and having to study Olivia hairstyle to knew which season it is, because we are all rooted for  Benson and Stabler– Bensler needed to move into the restricted area of their partnership. Just for one night.51f1763b81432489a3611275bf6be6d3


Let’s be honest – We.Have.All.Been.There. Our shows might be different but we have all been there and we all find a way to make it through. You could move on to a new show but it’s never quite the same. We are all still morning the loss of Firefly 


The main thing is that we are all here for one another. To support one another through this difficult time, known as the off season 






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