Well…..Maybe…..Not Quite


Yes, we are going to talk about it – here we go – the most anticipated movie of 2015 (well, mine is Child 44 but that’s another post for another day) – Mr Grey will see you now

Sooo here’s the thing about movie adaptations of books and I’ve found this with my manuscript too – everyone who reads the book has their own version of who the character is. Even if some things don’t match up. I have to admit I didn’t finish the shades trilogy – I actually skipped parts so I could get to the end of the second book faster and then didn’t even start the third because I was over it by that point – but that’s me.


The premiere of the 50 shades of grey trailer happened Friday morning and as soon as it did my Facebook newsfeed was littered with people sharing the trailer. I was going to wait until I got home but my friend quickly played it on her phone for me at morning tea – the wonders of modern technology. It’s not what I was picturing but that’s not to say I wont go and see it. Here’s the thing – when a story says  (insert name here) was good looking – each reader pictures their version on good looking and no one has the same version of good looking, trust me. Mine tends to be left of center. So what are casting directors suppose to do.

Jamie Dornan isnt my Grey and even reading I wasn’t sure who I pictured as Ana. Robert Pattinson wasn’t my Edward.Danila Kozlovsky wasn’t my Dimitri Belikov but I could deal and appreciative and well, Michael Fassbender was my Mr. Rochester but I had seen the movie before I read Jane Eyre but then again. I saw the movie before reading the book.

Readers visualized  they own version and it can sometimes be different to what the author has written. I know with my stuff  I once asked my test readers who they would cast as my heroine. One saw Gin as Zooey Deschanel. I saw Gin as Hayley Atwell


It took that question and those answers to realize that it was okay that the audience sees something different, whether it be novel or movie. If you enjoy and it entertains – the story has served its purpose



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