A rose by any other name would smell as sweet – at least that is what Shakespeare told us. Admittedly there is a few random names floating out there Ransom, Pistol and Happiness for girls and Hatch, Forever and Subaru for boys were just some of the wacky names from last year  

Character names aren’t any different. I know if I am in a book store and I read the back of a novel and if the names isn’t quite right, I won’t buy the book – okay, I am just going to say it – if the main character has the name of a stripper Destiny,Charity, Utopia – it’s hard to connect with them. That might be ridiculous- it might be short sighted or closed minded but it’s the truth. It could have been the best piece of literature I’ve read since Wuthering Heights and I can’t part with my twenty or thirty bucks for it, if her name is Rio or Soleil.


Knowing this is how I am there is always a lot of pressure I put on myself to find the right name for my characters but like children, sometimes names suit my characters or my characters tell me their names on very special occasions. My current WIP I was lucky they all told me their names. When I first went to write about Noah – he was Noah – When I first went to write about Will- he was Will but Gin was different.

It won’t surprise you all to know that she was named after a musician Gin Wigmore – I was listening to a lot of her magic at the time and I was singing Stealing Happiness  as I was typing away. The funny thing is musician Gin and character Gin look nothing alike. Although equally as beautiful .Character Gin is brunette and curvaceous and Musician Gin is blonde and petite  but I was certain that Gin was her name – and it was pack your bags and now let’s go on her journey together.


Unfortunately not all WIP’s work the same way I’ve written have a manuscript and decided I wanted to change the main characters name.

So, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet but if the name doesn’t feel right to you, change it. Even if it is to one of those stripper names but let your character own their name, like they do their traits



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