Music Monday: Bob Dylan



Hi My Loves

With this week’s artist I have been a little different with my approach. I’m a Cancerian and we have a tendency to be a little obsessive. When I find an artist I like or begin to like I normally dive right in the deep end – buy every album I can find and stay in the water of new music until I crave something different – I’ve done the complete opposite with this guy. 

I didn’t grow up with Bob Dylan’s music. It isn’t in my DNA or my psyche like many artist of that time are. Of course I knew who Dylan was – or I thought I did. The only song I knew backwards was Lay Lady Lay because I think it’s the sweetest. It was until I learnt about a lady called Edie Sedgwick that I really started to open that door slowly to his music. It is rumored that Dylan wrote a few songs about Miss Edie – he has routinely denied a relationship with Edie but nevertheless – those rumors are the reason I’m writing to you now.


I’ve always knew that Jimi Hendrix song ‘Along Came A Watchtower’ was written by Dylan and I love Jimi but you guys also know that I am a sucker for a guitarist. Later I found out that Garth Brooks ‘To Make You Feel My Love’, later covered by Adele, was also written by him. The sound of his voice and his lyrics are in total contrast to one another. As the story goes Sam Cooke played Dylan for Bobby Womack, Womack reply to it was that he didn’t understand it. Cooke explained to Bobby Womack ‘From now on, it’s not going to be about how pretty the voice is. It’s going to be about believing that the voice is telling the truth’ – which is what Dylan’s lyrics do wonderfully.


In truth it was his lyrics I loved first. They use covers over his song a lot on one of my favorite televisions. It’s one show that when it’s over I am straight on to google and iTunes to D/l and learn all I can. I remember listening to a Spanish guitar instrumental on Time They Are A Changing – It sat with me and bugged me – I listened to it countless times – I knew the song but for the life of me – I couldn’t pick what the song was called but I loved it all the same. I played it for my mum and within five seconds she knew what it was – I guess she has heard more of Bob then I have. 


As I downloaded these covers I had no idea they were all written by the same man. Every song was arranged in a different way – some were folksy and there was one particular very rock version of The Girl from North Country, I adore. 

I can’t even remember how I figured out it was all Dylan but I was impressed. Maybe it was when I fall in love with his song Simple Twist Of Fate – maybe I went researching – sounds like something I would but for whatever reason I slowly find more song of Bob Dylan’s that I slowly fall in love with. Maybe it’s better that way because that way I keep getting surprised by my discovery 

Maybe you will too.

And My All Time Favorite 




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