Music Monday: Tyler Hilton


Hi My Loves,

Once upon a time there was a talented young man that knew that music and lyrics where in his future. Knowing as he did that singing was he’s destiny, he called a Los Angeles radio show and performed. That grand gesture secured him a deal Queen Madonna’s record label and the rest is history

I first saw Tyler as so many did on the CW show One Tree Hill as the character Chris Keller. His character evolve from a cocky guy to more mature understanding kind of guy in guest spots in eight of the nine seasons of the show but one thing that was constant was his music. Don’t let the teen TV drama and countless appearances in music video clips (including Gloriana’s Kissed You Goodnight and Ms Taylor Swift’s Teardrops On My Guitar) fool you. This guys is a talented musician in his own right


Tyler Hilton has been a songwriter and musician for most of his life.A huge fan of Elvis Presley, Robert Johnson, and Muddy Waters, Hilton spent several years performing at open mic nights and clubs, and playing blues and jazz covers for tips in coffeehouses and restaurants, as all musician should. My fear is that he gets over looked sometimes. The hair, the eyes, the obvious marketing the teen market – but he always has the perfect mix of melody, lyrics, and rhythm, that makes him stand out from say the John Mayer’s of the world. He can go from laid back country to blues and yet there is a Elvis-ness to him also. Which would explain why he was cast as Elvis in Walk The Line 

In 2012 Tyler release his first full length album in eight years ( he has countless EP’s for you to enjoy) The album includes some of Hilton’s best work yet. You can tell the it was an enjoy labor of love and his music is evolving and I can’t wait to see where he my take it in the future.



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