Sunday Playlist



Hi My Doves,

Are your feet hurting? Did you wear the wrong shoes last night to dance up a storm? Don’t worry I’ve been there and I know your pain. You’ve woken up and regret most of the night, feel like bacon and eggs, a comfortable spot on the lounge and your favorite television show. Here is some tunes while you make breakfast

  • You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine by Lou Rawls
  • Moonlight Drive by The Door
  • For The Love Of The Money by Katey Sagal
  • Best Of You by The Foo Fighter
  • These Dreams by Heart
  • I Can See For Miles by The Who
  • Goodbye To You by Michelle Branch
  • Dear Life by Anthony Hamilton
  • You & I by Michael Buble
  • All Right Now by Free
  • Can’t Hold Break by Kaz James
  • Picture Prefect by Tyler Hilton
  • Summer Rain by Belinda Carlisle
  • Electric Blue by Icehouse
  •  Love Will Lead You Back by Taylor Dane



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