Music Monday: Laura Nyro


Hi My Doves,

So the sixties and seventies have really been my favorite eras of music. It feels like that was the last time that music meant more than just making a buck. People had things to say and they choice music to do it. It’s a time of music I keep going back too and I certainly did with this weeks artist

Amoeba Music in Hollywood have a you tube channel and they have musicians and actors pick a bunch of music that they love and they talk about the choices – it’s called What’s In My Bag – Katey Sagal has been one of these people. A) Katey’s music taste is phenomenal B) Katey, thank you for introducing me to  Laura Nyro.


I have heard her music before, I think everyone has at one point or another – but you might be like me and not known who sang it. Probably her most well know song she wrote called ‘Wedding Bell Blues’ – which the band 5th Dimension found success with but I’ve truly thought the song was called ‘Bill’ for my whole life

Laura Nyro  was a cutting-edge songwriter and performer.  Her style was a hybrid of Brill Building-style New York pop, jazz, gospel, rhythm and blues, show tunes, rock and soul. She is a real melting pot. It’s quite evident that she was born to be a song writer and musician

While in high school, she sang with a group of friends in subway stations and on street corners and she has said that the songs that she wrote early on were influenced by the poems She’s artful and honest music has always a truthful story of who she was. As she aged her music reflected her stages in life.


Most of the songs that Laura Nyro wrote during this period became major Hits for other established artists like: The Fifth Dimension, Three-Dog Night, Blood Sweat & Tears and Barbra Streisand

Once I have only found Laura’s music last weekend maybe it’s a little early to write a Music Monday on her music ( but I’m excited,forgive me) so I let someone else tell you. Found this on line and it tells you a lot more about Laura Nyro’s music then I can

When I first moved to NY with a fifty-dollar bill in my sneakers and a suitcase full of dreams stored in my room at the YMCA, the first evening I spent in the city was at a Laura Nyro concert in Central Park. On a balmy July evening she came out onto the stage in bare feet and a cocktail dress, sat down at her piano and played song after song for close to two hours, not once saying a word to the audience. After each song was finished she would smile out to the crowd and begin to serenade us with yet another musical gem. When the concert was over, Laura left the stage and we all sat mesmerized, shaken to our very core with the Manhattan skyline echoing with the strains of Laura’s lovely voice. Listening to this CD reminded me that Laura’s music touched you deep down inside. The music said it all. She bared her soul, told of her dreams, heartaches and joy in every chord and in every lyric. You truly were one with Laura when you listened to her music, so it is only fitting that the last recorded material that we have from Laura recreates this same intimacy. What a rare treat to have such a wonderful tribute to an angel that we all shall miss ~ Harry Martin 

So let me rush out and buy a black dress, a red rose and learn to play the black keys of the piano as I download some more music




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