Music Monday: Iwan Rheon


Hi My Doves,

Give me music with an acoustic guitar and I’m happy – Give me a very talented musician (amongst other things) and I walk on clouds. I love writing Music Mondays because it is normally artists that not many people know or someone you know for one thing and didn’t know were a musician. This week’s artist is the latter.

When I looked across the room and you were staring straight at me.I spilt some coffee yea to show ya, you’re beautiful you see. Bang Bang

You might recognize Iwan Rheon from the extremely memorable characters that he plays. Mostly known  for the BBC show Misfits  as  Simon Bellamy and more recently to the Game Of Thrones Fandom as Ramsey Snow.

And all your tears are fading away All your fears they are sailing today

Iwan recorded his first solo EP called Tongue Tied. Returning to the studio in In April 2011 for his second EP – Changing Times and followed that up with Bang Bang. Bang Bang was actually the first song of his I heard and I fell in the lyrics. As it turns out Iwan has been writing songs since he was fourteen.  There is a impassioned, soulful and textured quality to his vocals that is purely amazing.

This connection was preference. Emotional blindness.I misunderstood or am I out of this world

Influenced by  Oasis,The Beatles,Radiohead and Bob Dylan. There is a mix of vulnerability and strength to his lyrics. All three EP’s have a great Sunday morning music or Afternoon wind down music. Okay, anytime is a good time to listening to this music and that includes right now



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