Good Living, Good Life: Human Kindness


Anybody that has been with me for a while will know, Boston holds a very special place in my heart. The strange thing is, I can’t even tell you why. Anybody that has been with me for a while know that the events of last year affected me more than I ever thought possible. I remember getting up for work and I was just about to walk out the door. Went to the kitchen to grab my lunch and saw it. I froze, thoughtlessly froze. I just stared and watched the footage over and over again before I started to cry. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that it was Boston stung. They attacked the city that will be my home one day, it hurt but it was more than that. It was people. I’m probably too empathic for my own good but it’s the way I am. I hated that all those people were hurt, physically, mentally but most of all. It a moment of elation – they were made to feel fear and that cut me the deepest


To watch that city come together and support one another gives me hope in the human race. I was watching a movie on the weekend and there was a quote from it that said This Loss Will Be Met, With A Hurricane Of Love – and isn’t that what has happened.

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I was watching the news last night and they were reporting on the marathon. It had even started yet. They were interviewing the aussies that were going to be running. They interviewed a guy dressed up as superman, panning through the crowds of people onBoylston St. Watching, sitting there in my parent’s living room on the other of the world, I started to tear up (yes, again) because I was so proud of them. They made it through and turned an act of such malevolence, or such hatred and said ‘Feck Yewwww’ they turned it into a celebration.


Never doubt the strength of human spirit when someone is knocked down. Never doubt the strength of human kindness to reach down and pull that some person back on to the feet. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, what city you live in or the event that has happened. There will always be someone with an open hand to help you up.


Aussie are well known for what we call our ‘mateship’. If you need it – we will give you the shirt off our back. It’s just how we’re built; it’s just how we’re taught to be. Human kindness is all around us and it grows stronger with each person, each time they partake in it. Kindness doesn’t even have to be a big thing. A smile to a stranger on the street, that’s all it takes because you don’t know the day that stranger is having. They could have had a nightmare day and your simple smile could make that nightmare fade away and in return you will feel good because you made them feel good

Try it tomorrow – See what happens

Love L



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