Music Monday: Elizabethtown Soundtracks

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She had laid out the entire road trip…and timed it to music she herself had put on CDs. The songs, of course, were classic mix tape songs.

Hi My Doves,

I know this is different for me – to write a music Monday about a soundtrack – but good music is good music so here we go.

Towards the end of The movie Elizabethtown –  one of the main females characters Claire makes  a somewhat travel guide or a scrapbook for Drew, the main character. The interesting part is Claire didn’t only give a guide which road to take, but also give Drew a chance to stop by at interesting places She wrote a personal commentary, quotes, or sometimes a funny instruction for what Drew had to do. She also gave the road trip a soundtrack. Each page was provided with CD’s, which was compiled personally by her to create the appropriate mood and that is what makes this soundtrack so great.


Elizabethtown wasn’t only a great movie, it had an astounding sound so it’s not surprising that the movie was the brain child of Cameron Crowe. Anyone that knows Cameron Crowe’s work or his amazing life, know that music is huge in his life and always has been, so when it to his soundtracks – they are a cut above the rest. The Elizabethtown soundtracks (yes there is two of them) are amazing Americana, road trip music.

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Which is filled with songs by Tom Petty, Elton John, Lindsey Buckingham and Ryan Adams, Crowe’s wife Nancy Wilson ( yes of Heart fame) also performs an acoustic, string-based instrumental called “60B (Etown Theme)“. If you have seen the movie – you get the inside joke and it was beautiful.

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It’s a great mix of songs. It’s  the kind of music to have playing in the background without bother. Just go about your life. Whether you’ve seen the film or not you’ll probably get the urge to take a spontaneous rural road trip, or to sit out back and start up a campfire with friends. This sound track music you feel good. The songs are so unassuming yet strong .


Any southern folk/rock fan will appreciate these soundtracks. Both of them have a wonderful lazy southern summer feel and are easy to get lost in. My favorites are Funky Nassau by Beginning of the End, Learning to Fly by Tom Petty, Summer Long by Kathleen Edwards, Come Pick Me Up by Ryan Adams. My Father’s Gun by Elton John BUT my all time favorite, the song I have played over and over again is Big Love by Lindsey Buckingham because





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