Cool Links For Cool Links

tumblr_n2baa7zoe91t4fz0qo1_400Hi My Doves,

Holy head cold Batman – the first day of my five day Easter break – that’s right – this little author gets a cold and spent the remainder of Thursday asleep either on my sofa or in my  bed. It wasn’t the start to the weekend that I was hoping for, since I promise my test reader a whole lot of words to read but we’ll get there in the end ( fingers crossed) I hope y’all have better plans then I do. To get you started here are some great links

Some Amazing Food From An Incredible Singer

If Only Every Flight Was This Cool

This After Party Always Looks Like Heaps Of Fun

Some Serious Dance Moves From The Red Carpet

If You Were Born In The 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s, You Must Watch This

Binge Watching Can Teach You Things

2013 Year Of B**ch

50 Ways To Teach Your Kids To Read

Heroes & Villains That Actually Should Have Similarities 

One In A While We All Have Been This Woman



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