Music Monday: The Futurist


Hi My Doves,

It’s a funny world of labels we live in. When an actor records an album it is normally met with reservation and ridicule, which is a shame because actors need to be multi-talented, to be in the profession that they are in. Most actors can sing, dance, juggle or play something or other. I think that world just remembers the misses rather than the hits. Whenever an actor releases an album, I always have to have a sticky-beak. In the case of this week’s musical choice – Mr Robert Downey Jr

It’s apparently no secret that this man can sing – well actually, it was to me. I was unaware of The Singing Detective  or RDJ sing while he was on Ally McBeal ( I love his version of Every Breath You Take feat Sting). The first time I heard him sing was in the closing credit for one of his movies Kiss,Kiss. Bang,Bang – it was a song called Man like Me.  All you lovely dove know me well enough to know – one song is all it takes for me to go into research mode. With a  click, a swipe, a car-ching and a fed-ex aeroplane zooooom – Robert Downey Jr’s album The Futurist – Landed on my doorstep and it has been a stable on my ipod ever since.


On this album RDJ not only sings but has written/co-written all but two of the songs. It is clear when you listen to these track that this album was a personal one. Each song is very unique and a journey within themselves. The music is soothing and soulful.

My favorites are Little Clownz and Hannah but you’ll discover your own – I promise. It’s an easy to listen to album. Just to put it on in the back ground and enjoy




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