Music Monday: Sarah Vaughan


Hi My Doves,

This time last year I started a WIP after shelving it and attempting two other WIP’s. I am back into it and finally finishing it up. I found Sarah Vaughan and I loved her music, her voice, her everything about her really and have used one of her songs as my title of the WIP.

Her voice is indescribable, Immaculate, smooth, her phrasing crisp and so clear. Sarah Vaughan sang in church as a child and had extensive piano lessons from 1931-39; she developed into a capable keyboardist. After she won an amateur contest at the Apollo Theater, she was hired for the Earl Hines big band as a singer and second vocalist.

Sarah Vaughan Playing Piano

She joined lifelong friend Billy Eckstine making her recording debut. She began her solo career in 1945 by freelancing in clubs on New York’s 52nd Street such as the Three Deuces, the Famous Door, the Downbeat and the Onyx Club.

Her chart success continued with the charting of “Black Coffee” in the summer of 1949. “That Lucky Old Sun”, “Make Believe (You Are Glad When You’re Sorry)”, “I’m Crazy to Love You”, “Our Very Own”, “I Love the Guy”, “Thinking of You” (with pianist Bud Powell), “I Cried for You”, “These Things I Offer You”, “Vanity”, “I Ran All the Way Home”, among many others.


Have a fish around. Have a listen to a lot of her stuff. You might have a pull to different songs then I do. Dive into the sea that is Sarah Vaughan and tell me what you think




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