Music Monday: Miranda Lambert


Hi My Doves,

A gun totting, guitar playing country gal from Texas who dedicated her song ‘Gunpowder and Lead’ to  Chris Brown a few years back while in concert. It would be easy to believe Miranda Lambert  is as hard as nail but that is a venerability to her that you really discover through her albums and her song choice but she also doesn’t take herself seriously . I can’t imagine many of the starlets of the music industry that would film a video clip like the one she did for  ‘Mama’s Broken Heart’ in fear of not looking cool – which makes it so much better. It’s one of my favourites angry country girl songs just speak to me. I have no idea why


I should have held onto my pride. I should have never let you lie. I guess you got what you deserve.I guess I should have been more like her

She was actually discovered on a reality show called ‘Nashville Star’ when she was only twenty one and she is just getting better and better with each album she releases, in my opinion  which makes me really excited to hear her new album Platinum, which will be released in June

Behind every woman scorned is a man who made her that way

Miranda is a firecracker with a stunning voice and sharply written tunes. An all-girl group called ‘Pistol Annies’ and a celebrity marriage that not even the tabloids can shake. There seems to be more in mind in these songs then pop/country cross over, deeper lyrics, more introspective. Her voice has grown in range and it shows, she rides under the melody and guitar playing which is beautiful

large (1)

Cheap red wine straight out of a coffee cup. One more down, to drink you off my mind.Lord knows I’ve tried a thousand times to give you up, but its closing time and we both know why

‘Fastest Girl in Town’ is probably one of my favorite because I have a tenacity to rock out hard too.  Miranda also a duet with her husband Blake called ‘Better In The Long Run’ that I have put on repeat countless times. Same can be said about one of her other songs ‘Oklahoma Sky’

I think with music it all about what gels with you, what speaks to you and sometimes music is  what gets me through and that is certainly the case when it comes to Miranda



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