Music Monday: Ben Taylor

391188_10151010905613579_1350843244_nHi My Doves,

When I first heard Ben Taylors voice it was a song featured in a teen horror movie but I needed to know who it was, so I tracked down and brought the soundtrack, just from that song (do you remember the days we always had to do that?) Imagine my surprise when I found out This week’s muso is a  wildly talented son of two iconic musicians. One of which I have listened to my whole life.

I have to thank my dad for this one because he is a huge fan of James Taylor. I’ve grown up listening to him. When we were in the car driving, James Taylor would be on. Whne my parents were already awake and wanted to wake us kids up, dad would put James Taylor on, to wake us up and even went to see him and Carole King in concert with the troubadour  tour and I secretly hope Ben would there – sadly it wasn’t meant to be ( but I will see this artist live one day, I am determined) Years later I have the same connection with Ben Taylor as my dad did with his father and that is a pretty cool thing.

Ben has a voice that is similar to his dads but also very distinctive voice of his own, as soon as you hear his songs you know it’s Ben Taylor. He also has an awesome knack for song writing both lyrically and musically. He has lived a quite a life and you can hear that in his voice.


Fellow musicians Adam MacDougall, Rick Musallam, and Joe Dunne join him in The Ben Taylor Band and released Another Run Around the Sun, Famous Among the Barns and EP. No. 1 and all albums have some music songs on them. My all time favourite is Always and a cover of Time of the Season but they are all great

Ben’s solo 2012 effort was Listening, seamlessly merges the sounds and styles of folk, pop, soul, urban, reggae and country/ western and is equally has brilliant as his other work – have a listen and find your own favourite.



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