Music Monday: Paloma Faith



Hi My Doves,

Paloma Faith is a London-born singer-songwriter. She is best known for her unique sound and character. Once you see her, you will never forget her. She’s always been proud to stand out from the crowd both musically and visually, with a retro style, her two-tone hair and a loud and proud personally. She’s achieved more than many peers twice her age. An accomplished singer, songwriter and musician. She may not recognise her out of the movie St Trinians, which is where I first saw her. I did not know then that she was always a fantastic singer. The first time I heard her was a few years ago, when her single ‘Stone,Cold,Sober’ hit the Aussie airways. The only thing that is louder than her look or personality is her voice. This woman’s voice has the pop sound but the soul behind reaches out to you with a deep and rich voice. Unfortunately I missed one of my favorites from that album called ‘New York’ thankfully I found it last year.


I started paying attention to this lady’s talent last years when I was listening to a playlist someone had made on youtube an there was a song that made me stop typing and open my ears – the song was ‘Picking Up The Pieces’ after that – well, by now, y’all know me well enough to know that – I needed to know more. I fell in love with her second album I love all her songs, there was good range of pop, ballads and disco/dance. If I can tell you something about this album it is please read and take in the lyrics of Black & Blue and I think if more people heard her song ‘Just Be’ would be played at every wedding in the history of forever


I was really surprised why Paloma is not known here in America. So I am hoping to change that. Please have a listen and spread the world because good music always has to be shared



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