Plan it, know it. Forget it, do it.

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Hi My Doves,

You know I hate when creative mind/creative soul – wether that be an artist, a writer, musician or an actor – talks about ‘their craft’ – on the odd occasion it doesn’t come across pretentious, but more of the time – sadly it does. I don’t see my writing as a ‘craft’ – it’s just something I have to do – I have to write these things do – otherwise the voices are going to kill me from the inside out. Writing is a solo adventure. You’re alone in your study – staring blankly at a screen-waiting for the words. When they don’t – it’s I think more tiring, then when they do. It can leave you stunned, stupefied, anesthetized, lobotomized – (yes, I borrowed that for Woody Allen) – it’s the worst thing in the world.

I’ve found myself in a bit of a pickle – I have this idea – I think it’s a great idea. I started to write it – three chapters in – other then the heroine’s name the test reader seem to like it – I have a title and a cast – in my head – great – that normally my first hurdles that I can’t get over and I’ve bounced over them with ease, until

(tires screech.)

And I’ve stop


Steven King has said that there is no such thing as writers block – and maybe he is right but for me at least – it’s like there is a wall just behind my forehead – that prevents me seeing anything or hearing anything – such as dialog or actions that these people are going to do. Without characters showing you, telling you what their story is – you have no direction to go.

This idea I have is unlike anything I have ever written before – once that thought crept into my mind – although exciting at first, has now become a wee bit terrifying. Although there are effects that are the same – it is a totally different feel – but I know the twist – and I know the plot, around about but the rest is unknown territory. I think that is the root of my problem and research is needed for this one I think and that’s to a certain degree, is new to me.

I heard this theory – this technique, is regards to acting, actually. It was Plan it, know it. Forget it, do it. That is going to be my plan. I have to research things, a have to build them up. It’s another road to take, it different but sometime you just have to follow you nose and hope you’ll get there in the end



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