Good living, Good Life: Positivity



Hi My Doves,

I am going to start something new for this page. A new segment, it might not be as regular as Music Monday and Cool Links but I think in a world such as the one we live in – we need a little help seeing the good things over the bad. It’s easy to bogged down in fleeting disappointment. To get weighed down by the dark clouds and not see the slither of sunlight. So I hope I can help you see that sunlight, My Doves. So here we go. I still have to think of a good name – so bare with me. Good living, Good Life (working title)

I am about bare a tiny piece of my soul right here

A little over a year ago – a monumental event happened, not directly to me but to one of my friends, which I love and adore, who I’ve known for half my life. It rocked her life and I think I can speak on behalf of all our friends when I say – if I could give anything and take this all back – rescue her from this past year – I would do it in a split second.

This monumental event had ripple events in all our lives – it was a swift slap in the face and the reality of life, popped up and said hello. This monumental event, made me sit up and take notice and three things happened. Three steps I took, to build a better life

One: I sat back and looked around at my life – this life being the only one I get – I didn’t like what I saw. There was so much negativity, that didn’t need to be there. I made a conscious effort but get rid of that negativity. The negativity people that were creating clouds for me and my own negativity – which I was creating for myself. It wasn’t an easy thing to do and it took a year to do it, it’s still going on.

Two: I give my permission to openly love what I love and live the way I want to live – without being apologetic for it. For almost of my life I kept my passions, my thoughts, my excitement about things to myself, for fear of being ridiculed. After last year happened. That fear, feel away. I’m passionate about music – I let that out – you might not like my taste in music – you might teased me about my taste in music – but that does change that fact that I love it, so I’m going to show it. I am passionate about film and actors – I am open about that – I now opening fan girl about the shows I love, the actors I love. The films and actors that teach me about life and storytelling…….because the thing I stumbled upon was that acting and films – are just another form of storytelling – and storytelling is my business, it is the business in which I want to be a part of – so why shouldn’t I be passionate about it. Why shouldn’t I show that passion to the people I care about?

Also I am the first to admit – I have a strange taste in men. Once again, I used to keep that crush or appreciation, to myself. I’ve stopped doing that. For me, I’m not so much about the attraction to the physicality of the people – it’s the inner working. The humor, the intelligence, of that person that I am attracted too. When you in lust/love, when you appreciate those aspects of a person, you will be physically attracted to them. At least that is  what I’ve found in my experience. Now when I say to friends, which person or celebrity I think is a looker – most of my friend’s responses are really? – but as I go along they love me for that. They are very – well I don’t get it – but here’s a photo of (insert celebrity name here) that I know, you’ll love.

They accept it. They are very happy to enable it, in a way

Three: Last year made my friends and I realized that – life is short and we are very lucky to live another day. We don’t know what’s around the corner. We are all in our late twenties and I am heading into my thirties and we have our health – any plans we have made in our minds – we need to act on them. For me it is travelling and I need to do it as soon as my bank account allows for it. So plans have been made and a budget has been set – so those plans can be set in action and they will happen. Maybe not tomorrow – but watch this space.

I sent it all this out – into the universe. My positivity, my passion, my plans. Slowly but surely good things started to happen. So slow at first that I didn’t really notice it. Particularly in regards to this site, I started to get contact by musicians – thanking me with writing about them on Music Mondays – it’s happened twice. The people I’ve written about, the people I adore, I’ve given myself permission to adore – were reading my work.

Yesterday – I tweeted about Melody Gardot and I hash tagged her name cos it’s twitter and that’s what you do – Within a few hours – the lady herself. The woman that has inspired me over this past year and lit a fire in me, to sing – started to follow my account.

Now these things on their own – aren’t huge to the working of the universe or even big things in anymore else life. It’s social media, that’s why it was invented

But, here’s the rub – These two things in the inner workings of my world, my universe – these are huge events and these things make me happy. When I’m happy I want to pay it forward and make other people happy. Three steps that are simple, if you’re ready for them – can lead to great things in your life

So if you remember three things from this long rambling post – remember this

  • Be Positive
  • Give Yourself Permission To Be Passionate
  • Don’t Fear Ridicule – Just Because It’s Ridiculed – Doesn’t Mean It’s Wrong.
  • And Lastly
  • Make It Happen – No Matter How Long To Takes
  • Believe You Can
  • Be Proud Of Who You Are


If you do these things – you will see changes in your life

I promise





One thought on “Good living, Good Life: Positivity

  1. Bravo, well said !

    To quote another song
    “Walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye”
    Be proud of who you are, you have much to be proud of!

    Believe in yourself, those who love you, already believe in you and know how great you are!

    Be the change you want to see in the world, think only kind thoughts, do good deeds and always look for the golden lining in that cloud!

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