Cool Links For Cool People


Hi My Loves,

We made it through the week and that should be celebrated, even if it is just in our living rooms,bedrooms, bath rooms.  Life is full of little triumphs and we should stop and recognize them. I am proud of you for getting through the week and power off through the weekend, just do a little something for yourself, because if you don’t take care of yourself, who will? To get you started, here are some cool links

Lana del Rey, Eat Your Heart Out 

Table For One 

Beauty Hacks Making Life Easier 

Now Fangirls Have The Proof They Needed

Good Company Is Hard To Find

Help For You Writers

What’s In A Name

Wow, Should Try This Today & See What Happens

Sip,Sip – WooHoo

Any Game Of Thrones Fan Should See This



2 thoughts on “Cool Links For Cool People

  1. Wow – those ads were awful. Sexist and completely demeaning. Liked the looks of the cocktails. Hope you’re enjoying one 🙂

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