Once Upon A December


Hi My Doves

Once upon a December ( well it was actually June, but anyhow) there was a princess called Layla, who lived in a faraway kingdom called Sydney and she read a blog by another princess called Kandee in a faraway kingdom called California – when Layla read the words “Just because you aren’t making money at something, doesn’t mean you aren’t an artist.” These words ran so true that she decide to connect Princess Kandee, just to thank Kandee for inspiring her.

{Kandee J,com}
{Kandee J,com}

The next day Layla received a message via carrier pigeon, nick named ‘email’ from Kandee – with more wisdom that Layla ever felt possible.The message read

some of the most amazing people are the most gentle and quiet….write your novels….the world is waiting to hear them….see them…be a part of the world you’ve created! go for it…we will always feel better for doing the things we’re scared of 

This message gave Princess Layla the courage to follow her dream and she had been doing it ever since and they both lived happily ever after.


Yes that little princess was me. The funny thing is that email has turned into a talisman for me. I had only decided to put everything I had into my writing and make a career out of it. It was the first time I felt like ‘I am an artist’ ( in a non-pretentious way) I read that blog post and it told me everything I need to hear. I didn’t think that Kandee would reply but she did. This total stranger, who didn’t know me, didn’t have to give me encouragement, had faith in my dream. She had more faith in it than I did. I’ve kept that email and read it. I carry those words around with me, to help me on my bad days and inspire me on the good days.

So if you were me a few years back. Let me and Princess Kandee tell you that whatever that dream maybe – if you want to be a writer,actor,geologist,shift manager at dairy queen. I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. Trust me you’re going to have days when it is all too much and you feel like giving  up but YOU CAN DO IT…….

You can visit princess Kandee here



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