Good Vs Evil

Hi My Doves

I love characters and people with complexity and often than not I love the villain – yes I am a good gal who falls for the bad boys every time– in dating life and story life ( and men that wear pinky ring, for some reason but that is a whole different post entirely). I find the dark characters more interesting.

Maley and Diablo 1

When I was little and Disney was my life. I love Snow White – she was the character I adored the most – still do even at thirty (well, almost thirty). She was the one I most identified with – of course that was helped by the fact that I’ve carried the nick name Snow White very since I was born. One of my dad’s cousins called me Snow White when I was a baby. Dark hair, porcelain skin and rosy cheeks. Maybe that’s the reason that old crown who gave Snow the apple – scared me so. For my Dad it was Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty and when he told me that when I was a kid I was surprised because Maleficent was nothing but interesting to me. She was beautiful and powerful – although I wasn’t fond if her when she turned into a dragon but it was just the way she strolled into that room and cast that spell – there was a part of me that wanted to grow up to be that. Yes I kind of do want to appear with gust of wind and her signature green flames, because how bad arse would that be?


As I’ve been grown up I keep being drawn to these dark, interesting characters – I love Morgana La fey (or Pendragon) – I can’t help but root for her in any recreation of the King Arthur  legend especially  Eva Green – She was amazing in that role, so was Kate McGrath in the television series Merlin. I couldn’t help but cheer when I saw her on screen


I’ve always loved the three witches in Macbeth – and recently rediscovered my love of Shakespeare that I had in high school (Studying Romeo and Juliet in both Drama class and English class – at the same time stifled my love of The Bard for more than a decade) over the past few months I’ve found my love for his work again. Seems like Macbeth is my play because I find myself falling in love with Lady Macbeth  – yes she is seen as a anti mother, a manipulator, a witch but there is nothing that she does in that play that I don’t understand her motives .


Maybe is the psychological annulation of these characters that I love, so much

Maybe the question is not Why is Maleficent so evil? Why would she want to do that to a sixteen year old girl? But maybe the question is What did Aroura’s parents do to Maleficent to make her feel that way?

Of course Morgana would have ill feeling towards Arthur – he was the result of an affair that her father had and technically she was the first born – even though she may have been a girl, the crown should have been hers or maybe if young Guinevere, didn’t expels her from court in disgust – she wouldn’t have been so hell-bent on revenge

The tree witches did help people in his evil deeds but people asked them for that help

Lady Macbeth only wanted her husband to succeeded and the guilt killed her in the end

And while we’re at it


Maybe Cersei Lannister wouldn’t be such a bitch if their father had treated Cersei the same way as he did her twin brother Jamie? Maybe all she wanted was equality, despite her sex, but yes she did turn her son into a little turd

No character is evil without reason– without a series of events to make them that way. ( not unless they are a Charlie Manson like crazy)  That’s what makes them so human. They have depth in spite of their actions. Sleeping Beauty – yes, beautiful and loved by all but what else was there??

That’s what we have to remember while creating our characters – they must have depth.



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