Cool Links For Cool People


Hi My Doves,

Well I have reached the end of my holidays – and it went way too fast for my liking. Tuesday I shall enter back into the real world of early morning, ringing telephones and the mundane life. I wish I could tell you I got a lot of writing done or a lot of reading for that matter – but no – neither. Other then getting lost in the The Hollow Crown Series, coffee,shopping trips, dinner and movies with friends – I haven’t really done much else – so please feel free to kick my little writer butt, although for you my doves – start your weekend with these cool links

Most Stylish Musicians of the Last 50 Years

How Beautiful Is This Woman?

The Secrets To Fantastic Hair At Home

Epic Literary Love Tattoos

Love This. Want To Impress A Man According To Grandma

Impossibly Fun Wedding Photo Ideas

How Cool Are These

How To Write Skinny Sentences


Lana At The  Chelsea Hotel



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