Music Monday: Kellie Pickler


Oh backbone, there ain’t nothing wrong with a woman that got a little backbone. You just wait ’til you taste her kind of love. You want a shy little thing, a pretty little high heel thing, Gonna cry if I don’t polish up.Tough.

Hi My Doves,

Today you could be excused for thinking that country music was all about break up and high school drama but personally I love Miranda Lambert I’ve used her band Pistol Annies on Music Monday before. This week’s Music Monday also restored my love of country music. Ms Kellie Pickler. Kellie Pickler is the real deal from her vocals, her personality all the way to her life story. She’s had her struggled and she is still smiling.


I know people have a preconceived notion about country music. It’s all about heart break, farming, trucks and man’s best friend. I like two kinds of music country and western, Right? but if you want music about something true, something real. Something to connect with, You need to go down that old country road.

I’m through that pity party stage. The healing’s finally come of age, No more feeling sorry for me days, I’m over you.

Everyone has their favorite country gal and in truth I own all the albums of the new generation country gals. Taylor, Carrie, Miranda, Jennifer but the girl I go to the most is Kellie. The amount of sleepless night I’ve had and just picked up my ipod and listened to Kellie sing and felt at peace or often when the right song came on.Or gotten out of bed and dance around my bedroom, in the dark.

There won’t be any tears. That’s not why I’m here. Baby turn out the lights and let’s disappear. One last time, one last time

I could yammer on about how brilliant I think Kellie is and how much you should love her but music is a very personal journey and the things or songs that I connect with, you wouldn’t necessarily connect with, so all I asked is – if you’re interested go on to you tube, itunes which ever music site, musical mecca you are comfortable with. Go in with an open mind, a free mind and look at how beautiful Kellie is musically and as a human being. See where the music takes you.

Her lips are too red. Her skirt is too tight. Her legs are too long And her heels are too high. Boy, she looks like the marrying kind. Things that never cross a man’s mind

Kellie’s released her latest album called The Woman I Am and it was the catalyst for this Music Monday because I adore it. I am currently writing this to you listening  to the song ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ I can’t stop moving. Its fun and I have a smile from ear to ear but another thing happened with this album I found one of those song that you listen to that you sit back and go – oh wow, this is me. Which was the title track.

Next time you’re travelling and the country station is the only one you can find on the car stereo – give it a shot or be really brave – go buy an album – it might change your life


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