Observing, Listening & Learning


Hi My Loves, I’ve said this to you guys once and I will probably  say it again a million times over .Everything is storytelling – if it is a book, an article, fan fiction, TV show, movie, photograph, painting or a piece of music – it is all telling a story. It’s like you don’t need to be written words on to a notepad or type on your computer to be writing. You could be on a plane staring out the window and be writing. You could be watching a movie and like the movement of two characters, like the way they interact with each other. Not that you’re going to write the same thing or the same word but you lock it away in your brain for a later date. By the time you’re ready to use it. The interaction that you liked in that move has stewed away and grown into something so much more. Art/writing/film is different to anyone – that’s the beautiful thing about art – your eyes see something completely different to the person standing next to us DeepBlueSea19_72dpi There’s a movie called Deep Blue Sea which is based on a play. I adore this movie although not many people have heard of it and the critics for the most part bagged it – but I love it. That said it is quite dark and a little depressing – but it is real for me. There is one scene, my favourite scene – when the heroine has just had an failed attempted of her own life (battling the deep blue sea of depression, see I told you it was up lifting story) her partner comes home – talks amitnately about his weekend playing golf with his buddies –penny drops – he’s forgotten her birthday. Mortified, he very sweetly and affectionately apologises but in a now very passionate make out session, he slips his hand into the pocket of her dressing gown and finds a note addressed to him – her suicide note. This sweet and passionate encounter turns into a rage driven and passionate argument Rachel+Weisz+Rachel+Weisz+Set+Deep+Blue+Sea+Bi1g809TabQl I was sitting in the corner of sofa, knees pulled up to my chest, eyes wide thinking – how amazing is this – how real is this – how often does a fight happen from out of no where. Somewhere in my brain that scene is in my head and might pop up someday when writing – in a totally knew way. I think as long as you are open to watching everything, and actually opening your eyes, actually seeing – you never know what your brain will store for a later date. So keep your eyes peeled




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