The First Draft…..



What if no one ever wants to read it? What if everything I write is S##t? What if people don’t love the characters as much as I do? Why can’t I get it right the first time??

All thoughts that go through a writers mind when they ran through their first draft. I hate to refer to myself as an artist because I just see those wannabe posh people  saying it in my head ‘I’m an artist. I went to an art exhibition. It was divine. They had children throw up on canvas. It an innovation. The next big thing ‘ – that’s just not me but creative people are known to be neurotic – low self-esteem and extremely needy. When I read through a first draft, this, sadly, is me. – Two weeks ago I had a cry in my bathroom of the  ‘it’s  just too hard and I can’t do it’ variety.

New idea’s are running through my head – new people – new places – new adventure – because let’s face it – it’s easier to write a new story then fix that problem of the existing story. This is a rabbit hole I fall down a lot. This time I am actively saying no too. Writing a new story doesn’t help my end game – So I am sticking to my guns

This is my new view on the first draft – it is the test run – it’s the playground- you let your idea run free.

I have given this story. I had an idea in my head of who my heroine would be  and who she turned out to be someone else entirely but that’s okay because I am going to fix it and i’m not sending it out to anybody (professionally) until I like it.



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