Music Monday: Eric Clapton – Me and Mr Johnson


Hi My Loves,

When I write a Music Monday about an artist I truly love, it is one of the most difficult things to do. Which is strange because you would think it would be the easiest thing to write but it’s not. So bare with me as I attempt to get this message through to all of you– A message straight from my heart – This week is Eric Clapton’s album Me and Mr Johnson

You guys know me well enough to know that Eric Clapton’s music is very influential in my life. Only this week my friend Rita (well, you guys know her as Rita) sent me a video of Jimmy page/Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton playing Stairway to Heaven (it was an appropriate song for the three of them because it was like guitar heaven). I then sent Rita – Eric Clapton/Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page doing Layla – We were both talking passionately about it and Rita said to me Clapton doesn’t just play guitar. He is the guitar. – It’s the truth

The music that was very influential is his life, was the blues (and Buddy Holly)

Most people know the rumours, the stories about Robert Johnson and his amazing talent – whether those stories be magic, myth or meant to be. He was something special. He’s haunting lyrics and most of all tortured delivery, which makes the Blues, well the blues. Sadly Robert Johnson died at 27. Maybe he was the first to join the 27 club and clearly he is sorely missed even seventy six years after his death

Eric Clapton has said “I never liked young kids’ music. I like old people’s music. When I look for what I’m going to listen to, I go backwards”

Me and Mr Johnson a labour of love and only in the most fantastic way possible.

I brought this album on a Saturday night and didn’t listen to it until the next morning, while I was making breakfast. I was grooving to this album, getting lost in this album so much – that I burnt my toast twice and the foam over flowed on my metal milk jug while I was making my coffee but I didn’t care because I was having fun. Some highlights for me is ‘Love In Vain’ and ‘They’re Red Hot’  I kind of see myself in the nineteen twenties, in a speakeasy. Dancing on a rickety old dance floor – dancing up a storm to that song

I was surprised to read bad reviews of this album but I guess some people might have been expecting Tears in Heaven, Wonderful Tonight or Sunshine Of My Love, Clapton. Maybe Blues enthusiasts didn’t think it was dark and moody enough to do Robert Johnson justice. When it comes to music and art of any kind you can’t trust other peoples review (that including mine) music is a very personal thing – it’s a very persona; thing, music. It’s something that pulls on the heartstrings and there are not two hearts the same.

This was an album made out of love for Robert Johnson music. Clapton’s love of the blues and the music that’s moved him. The music that inspired him to write the songs of Clapton that we love. There’s a quote that reads ‘Artists can never truly fail. It is a great success to simply continue being one’Eric Clapton and Robert Johnson are exactly that – They’re artists – They’re musicians. I think if we all continue to inspire each other – we can never truly go wrong. Have a listen to this album, pick out a favourite and let me know. Hopefully you’ll love it as much as I do



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