Cool Links For Cool People


Hello My Loves,

Well today is a very happy Friday because as of 4pm this afternoon I am on three weeks holidays. So I am smiling from ear to ear and feel like freedom isn’t a word that describes how awesome this day is. Doing a happy dance – dance along with me


Please Save The Single People From This Pain


What The?

Why British Is Better #GoodToBeBad

My New Favorite Show 

Who Wants A Bottle Of Chanel

Why We Love Louise

Brunch With Your Girls This Valentine’s Day

This Makes Me Feel Old



2 thoughts on “Cool Links For Cool People

  1. I’m a Chicagoan, but I’ve never watched Chicago PD. Perhaps I shall check it out. I will not, however, be watching the Superbowl. 😉 Enjoy your holiday!

    1. it’s very good. I love it sophia and jesse are fantastic as partners – my team didn’t make it into the bowl ( the aussie goes for New Orleans, if you can believe it) – I will thanks honey xox have a great weekend

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