Music Monday:Ray LaMontagne

large (1)Hi My Loves,

Let me introduce you to a man called Ray LaMontagne. Much like Teddy Thompson – last weeks Music Monday. Ray LaMontagne is a wonderfully talented singer/songwriter. I struggle to choose a genre in he sings because he is so much more then pop or rock. The only thing I can say about his music is that it is intimate and truthful.

Oh so kiss him again. Just to prove to me that you can and I will stand here and burn in my skin. Yes I will stand here and burn in my skin

When I first heard Ray sing, he was featured on a television show I used to watch. I wasn’t even sure what the song was called – I lost the case of the album with the track listing – so it was in my ipod under the title of the show. I listened to this song countless times. Turned out to be a song called ‘Hold You In My Arms’ – I found it features in another movie – once I heard it – I jumped on it – went to google and I finally found the singer. I was the happiest girl alive.

I did my research and listen, listen and then listened some more. I’d go on my lunch break from work and walk around the CBD and listen. I fell in love with his song ‘Roses and Cigarettes’ that way. Ray LaMontagne refers to himself as a “very private person”, and rarely gives interviews so there is an element of mystery to him. Ray has a voice of his own, sometimes gravelly, always a joy. He has been compared to Otis Redding, Van Morrison and David Grey and had a wide range of influences that like Bob Dylan & Joni Mitchel and his song ‘You are the Best Thing’ has been used as a song for the first bridal waltz  in so many weddings and it is a brilliant choice.

The dust falls like rain on your doorsteps.Chokes you when you lift your rake.A wine so sweet is the taste of your mouth but your love aint the kind you can keep

As I’ve said Ray LaMontagne creates very intimate and moving music that is lyrically enriched.Have a listen and see what speaks to you because I swear to you, you’ll find a favorite



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