Music Monday: Teddy Thompson


Hi My Loves,

Funny story about how I came across this following artist. I had recently lost all the music on my ipod – there was a gasp of shock, a lot of tears and then I pulled myself together and decided to make the most of it and start all over again, but keep the favourites that I lost. One of those favourite was a Michael Buble  called ‘I’m Your Man’ – while searching on itunes I found a different version of the same song sang by Nick Cave – I have heard Nick Cave my whole life and I was intrigued, so pressed on an album – funnily enough called  ‘I’m Your Man’. This was a celebration of Leonard Cohen’s songbook. A star-studded live tribute album featuring some pretty big names one of which was a newcomer called Teddy Thompson.

Teddy sang two songs called ‘Tonight Will Be Fine’ and another called ‘The Future’ One of which is slow and absolutely beautiful written by Cohen and sang with so much heart by Thompson  and the other is a song I can’t help but dance too – so down the rabbit whole I went.


I guess it’s good love that I want the most. Someone who turns my bread into buttered toast
I’ve been looking for a girl, I’ve been looking for a girl. I’ve been looking for a girl who knows how to love me

Teddy is the son of legendary singer-songwriters Richard and Linda Thompson but his talent for song writing is unbelievable. I am unsure if it is the truthfulness in which he sings his lyrics or the magical way that he can string words together, that makes Teddy so brilliant, maybe it is a mixture of both but to sit down and listen to his album or just getting lost in the worlds that he can create not only with lyrics but the music he creates to accompany it. Listening to Teddy Thompson is like slipping away on a cloud


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