Music Monday: Arlene Zelina


Hi Little Doves,

These day thanks to the wonderful world wide web (or inter-webby, if you will) it’s not so important to have the big bucks to start your music career. It’s all about promoting yourself and getting your name out there. Lily Allen started on Myspace, just like Justin Bieber was unleashed on to the world via his mother uploading a video on you tube. You’d be amazed at how many artists have started this way.

Let me introduce you to one such lady – she is an Aussie like me – and I found her via Facebook and tweeted her via- well, twitter – funny that, huh? Her name is Arlene Zelina and she is amazing.


I heard her cover of ‘When I Was Your Man’ but a female version and the  Mars fame. It made me stop in my tracks and spoke to my soul. Of course I had heard the original version of course but Arlene’s version made my world stopped

I’ve traveled the world and had the pleasure of seeing all types of artists, but upon seeing Arlene I was mesmerized by her talent, stage presence and vocal ability

~ Jason Derulo

She started singing in RSLs and shopping centers and now she has been view by millions on youtube and vube . Quickly she is making a name for herself and good reason. Jason Derulo  signed her on the spot once he saw her playing at the Whisky A Go Go, yes that Whisky A Go Go. Imagine singing on that stage and getting picked up by a record company, seriously talk about a dream coming true and hard work paying off.


Let me tell you, Arlene is one of those singers that you can’t help but move too. In her quiet moment you are moved by the music and the amount of soul she puts into every note. her effect on people is clear with over forty eight thousand subscriber on you tube alone – clearly she is amazing. Hard  work and dedication to a dream that is coming true for this beautiful artist. Have a listen and float away before dancing you socks off


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