Introducing Layla Genovese


Hi My Loves,

To pen-name or not to Pen-name – That is the question and it is a question that every author asks themselves at one point or another. I asked myself that question for a year before I decided. Even asked a few of my friends that are authors and they were still mulling over the question themselves. They would go back and forth for yes to no to maybe. There are a lot of good points on either side of the argument and at the day of the day it’s a personal choice. I like the anonymity to it. Not for me but the for the people in my life – beside that – I share the same last name as an actor that all the teens go gaga over and I kinda don’t want to be associated. I don’t know if that wrong or not but it is just the way it is. Another friend of mine – the brilliant author that she is – once decided that she wanted a pen name because her actually last name was right at the end of the alphabet – so her theory was that she pick a last name that would put her novel in the middle of the shelf – right at eye level – see told you she was brilliant.

So I thought of all the names I could pick and really the choices are endless – I know we always say this about choices – but in this case, that saying is actually true. The only limit is your imagination and for authors, imagination really isn’t a boundary.

The first name of my pen name wasn’t a choice at all – I’ve always loved it – always used it in some form or another – I even use it on this site – Of course – It’s Layla. You guys who have been reading me rabbit on for years ( has it been that long) know I love  music – love the song – love the man who penned the song and most definitely love the woman that inspired it. So basically it was a given. I did flirt with the idea of Eleanor – because of the awesome song by The Turtles – but Layla is a name deep down in my heart and I believe that if you have a connection to something – even a song – that is the road you should go down. So Layla it was.

Second decision, second name and this one I had no idea about. Honestly. Do I go for a well-known surname like Jones or Miller? There was just too many choice and it wasn’t that I gave up but I did let that decision fall out of my head until a later date when  I needed the surname. Then I was watching a movie – a great movie and there was this priest speaking  about a women called Kitty Genovese – BAM – Now  there’s a name that sticks out at you. Sticks in your brain – of course at the time I didn’t know that it was also the name of an American crime family – and I did consider  changing it after that but I had fallen in love with it at that point so I decided to keep it

So there you go – the birth of a pen name – Introducing Layla Genovese…



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