The Real Sexy……


Hi My Loves,

The other day a friend and I were talking about those things that the opposite sex (or same sex depending on your preference) that sexy really sexy and you not quite sure why there sexy. We were at the train station and with it being the festive season – work Christmas do’s and what not – there was two men standing on the opposite platform in tux’s – to which we were both like – wowza.


There’s that picture in the net that says ‘A well-tailored suit is to a women what lingerie is  to men’ totally true – or the fact that a untied tie or bow tie, for that matter is so much more sexy then when it is actually tie correctly or the one swift movement, pulling the tie from around their collar – there is no reason for that to be sexy – but it is.

Watching a guy shave. When a guy tucks a button-up shirt into dress pants. When guys hairs like kinda messy. Those are normally everyday things but guys let me tell you – they are as sexy as hell.

So I got to thinking (since when don’t I think Indy 500, up in my head 24/7) what things do guys think are sexy – that we are unaware of so I asked a few guys I know. Some things they told me a knew all ready – no make or minimal make up but here are so other I didn’t know

large (1)

Our Sunday morning our  ‘god-i-hope-no-one-knocks-on-the-door-and-sees-me-like-this’ look ie: PJ’s or yoga pants with a tank and a messy bun on top of our head cos we can’t be bothered to wear anything else – Sexy

Loud unbashful laughter – even with a snort  (I find this sexy in guys too) – Sexy

When girls talk about something their passionate about and their eyes just light up – Sexy

large (2)

When we date or see people or do I what I do ‘hang out’ when think we need to dress like the Victoria’s Secret/Hugo Boss model with the wit and humor and kind heart of the girl next door and the sex drive of a playboy bunny and even though we have been told this a million time in our lives, we just never seem to understand that we just have to be ourselves and that was is the sexiest thing we can do.



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